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Over several years of testing, Purify have developed custom cleaning agents to handle the harsh and demanding tasks in road, rail and other tunnels. 

The build up of exhaust, dirt, salt and other substances creates a sticky polluted layer difficult to clean. This results in long downtime while cleaning, high usage of chemicals, polluted waste water and costly processes.

Our cleaning agents removes the surface tension and removes this layer in a very effective manner, leaving a clean surface which is harder for these particles to attach to. Also technical equipment lifespan is extended due to the PH neutral agents, creating added value in the long run.

Please contact us for more detailed information about what we can offer. We also have test results available for review upon request.

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PG-IV1 - Infra Wash


Increased efficiency, clean in one go. Also makes it easier to clean the next time.


No corrosion/wear on electrical appliances, rubber and metals - longer lifespan.


Reduced toxic content in waste water, which also makes is easier to process.


Environmentally friendly at a competitive price.


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